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JIVE Climate is a joint production by CORRECTIV and Headliner. It is made possible by the support of the Allianz Foundation as part of the Climate Cultures Call and the Journalismfund Europe.

CORRECTIV is the first non-profit research centre in the German-speaking world. A strong society needs investigative journalism. In dialogue with our readers, we are committed to a future worth living. For our children - for our lives - for our society - for moderation and balance. We protect against targeted false reports and send a clear signal against extremism. Our team of reporters uncovers systematic abuses, corruption and unethical behaviour. In this way, journalism is returning to its roots: it is becoming the fourth estate in society.


HEADLINER is the first non-profit organisation in Germany to combine journalism and culture in inspiring stage shows. Our performances push back against widespread news fatigue and create space for direct and personal interactions between a live audience and journalists. The vision is to make a decisive contribution to restoring ever-dwindling trust in the media and develop the media literacy so critical to a functioning democracy, especially among younger age groups. Shows bringing together reporters and topics from across several countries foster international understanding and promote a pluralistic European society.


Headliner gUG

Großbeerenstr. 109

14482 Potsdam


Managing Directors: Jochen Markett & Christine Liehr



Local court Potsdam

HRB 38139 P


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